We’re so glad you’re here! Our site is all about having fun on the Internet. That’s why our name is Directory of Fun. We love to have fun, so naturally, we want you to have some fun as well.

What we’re all about

Let us start by introducing ourselves. We are three women who decided to create a new website devoted to games for people from all places throughout the world and of all ages.

We know that games are popular in every country around the world, and we ourselves love them very much. We wanted to spread the joy of playing online games to many people, and what better way to do that than by creating a webpage on the Internet.

We launched our website recently, and there are still a few kinks we are working out. But we hope that you like what you see here. We want to hear from you too. If you have suggestions about how we can make our Directory of Fun website better, feel free to give us a call or send us a message. Simply go to our Contact Us page and fill out the message form that you see there. One of us will get back to you shortly.

The games you’ll find here

Of course, because we named ourselves the Directory of Fun, We have lots of fun games to offer. There are games for kids, those for adults and others that everyone can play.

Some of the games that we offer for all ages have different levels to them. For example, our treasure hunting games have five different levels. In this way, kids can play the lower levels of the treasure hunting game and teenagers and adults can feel free to play the upper levels because these are the levels that will challenge them the most.

Check out our blog

The blog page of our site is where we update reviews of other games that have been released by some of the top game production companies. We know you want to hear about other games that are out there, so we provide you with reviews from experts right here. This blog is updated on a daily basis, so we ask that you either check us out every day to see what’s new or join the newsletter. You can sign-up for our newsletter by clicking on the link at the bottom of the blog page. Simply type in your email address, and we will send you your your daily dose of the blog everyday. Whenever you want to stop receiving the newsletter, it’s easy to do so.

Join the site

To be able to play the games that we offer here, we ask that you simply make a free account with us. The process is super easy. A link will be provided at the bottom of the page as soon as we get our forums in order. Once you click on that link, the instructions will follow.

Once again, best regards and thanks for reading this page!